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JazzLife UK – subjective and often unsubstantiated meanderings on jazz and its imperfections. And quite a lot of photos from the UK jazz scene. From the middle of Norfolk – Jazz Central, if you wish.


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  1. I’ve just started a blog on jazz in Northern Ireland – I thought it was jazz central here!! Are you a musician/enthusiast?

    • Hi Neil

      No – definitely Jazz Central here in Norfolk. Honest. I’m just in the process of setting up this blog – you must be one of my first visitors.
      I’m an ex-musician and a music writer – mostly for All About Jazz. Have you seen my article on Northern Ireland’s jazz scene from last autumn[ ]?

      • I have actually read it! I stumbled across it when I was doing some research for the blog – it’s a comprehensive article and really highlights the fact that there is another layer to the musical culture of Northern Ireland, with some top-flight musicians around the area.

        I’m still getting used to blogging and thought a quick search for similar blogs would give me a bit of inspiration! Might take me some time to build up a good one.



  2. Hi Bruce – Sandra Marcy put me on to your site, after hooking up with her on Twitter. Great stuff – lovely picture of the late Michael Garrick. Agree with your thoughts on Branford Marsalis’ comments as well.

    I’m in the process of publicizing my trio “Busnoys” forthcoming second album “by tapering torchlight”. Keen to send out copies to writers who might be interested. It’s featured already on Radio 3’s LateJunction, and will be released in May, with launch gigs at The Stables, Wavendon (May 8) and MAP Studio Cafe, London (May 10 – hosted by Radio 3s Sarah Walker). If you’d like to receive a copy please let me know.
    More details at and

    Thanks for setting up the site – I’ll definitely be back to read more and to look at the great pics!

    Best wishes
    Martin Pyne


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